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Valhalla Arms - Specializing in Science Fiction & Fantasy Props and Weapons

Valhalla Arms is pleased to present the finest selection of one-of-a-kind weapons and SciFi props. Each object is hand crafted using the finest materials including copper, brass, titanium and plastic.

Anodized titanium-blade knives and daggers featuring pommels with gemstone accents set in sterling silver, and sterling silver hand guards.

Science Fiction props featuring a variety of sound and lighting effects to add that unique touch of fantasy not found in resin cast replicas. These are weapons of original design as well as personal interpretations of props seen on TV or in the movies.

Just Looking?

bulletThe Technology pages contain general background on the hardware and electronics used in creating some of these props and exotic weapons. The technology pages contain some of the information presented in my Science Fiction Convention panel discussions.
bulletCheck out "The Wyvern Pages" where you can inspect some of the SciFi artwork generated for local Science Fiction conventions. Here you will find some of the details and processes used to create recent masquerade costumes, as well as examples of both costumes and props.
bulletResource pages include Internet links and short descriptions of where you can obtain the type of materials and components used in creating all of these goodies. Access these from The Wyvern Pages or from the Technology pages.