Construction Notes on Building a Dragon

Work Duration: July 2000 through August 2001


It sometimes comes to me in the middle of the night...


Casting epoxy resin...


Includes actuator driven iris and epoxy-filled eye lenses...


Something to support the head and wings.
Something to hold the extinguisher in.
Something to hang the tail on...


That's me, the control freak.


* "If you can't move, it's a prop, not a costume"
Be sure to read the follow-up notes at the end of this section!

The Head

Started first, finished last...

The Tail

It just keeps going, and going...
Typical comment: "Is there still someone in there?"

Special FX

Sometimes I can get carried away...


Just your everyday hexapod.


The heart of the soft-sculpture approach.

Fabric and finishing details

Adds some flash, and conceals things at the same time.

Torcon Update - New wings


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